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Friends working togetherYour website is your storefront display. Customers regardless of how they find out about your business, usually go to your website to get more information about your business. So be sure that your online presence really reflects your business.

Just like how we decide whether we will go into a brick and mortar business based on the display, a website provides potential customers with glimpse of what you have on offer. So it should reflect your company. Are you conservative, young and modern, corporate or a funky on-trend business?

This is your “brand” and all other communications such as blogs, articles, Facebook page and print material should have the same message. It should be created based on your target market, the people who buy your products or services. The message should be consistent and clear at all times, a message that reflects the brand that you are building.

Creating the content to build a brand is challenging. It starts with a strategy that includes an editorial calendar that outlines where, when and how the content will be distributed. Then continues with detailed analytics and a systematic review of the kind of articles and placements bring the most traffic to the website. This approach builds on what works and brings the visitors to your online storefront.

Good content in now even more important to get listed on the search engines. Creating content to support an integrated web presence requires more than minutes per day. It takes commitment and dedication.